Author: Christopher Arndt
Version: 0.2.1a
Date: 2007-04-10

A very simple bookmark directory.

This is a TurboGears sample application. It is a simple bookmark directory, that allows you to collect bookmarks with a title, a URL, and a description and assign arbitrary tags to each bookmark.

It was developed as an example to accompany a short introductory talk to the development of web applications with TurboGears (in German language). I have since then also used it as an example for another talk on TurboGears, for the RuPy conference 2007, in PosznaƄ.

This is intended as a demonstration, it is not a full application, so please don't complain about missing features :-)


  1. Install TurboGears >= 1.0.1 (see

  2. Download TGFastData 0.9.a7unofficial (unofficial version with patch to work with TG >= 1.x) and install with:

    [sudo] easy_install TGFastData-0.9a7unofficial-py2.4.egg
  3. Download the Bookmarker source distribution.

  4. Unpack the archive Bookmarker-0.2.1a.tar.bz2 or

  5. Change into the created directory Bookmarker-0.2.1a.

  6. Run ./

  7. Open your browser at http://localhost:8080/.

  8. Click on bookmarks demo and...

  9. ... log in with username/password test.

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