Author: Christopher Arndt
Version: 0.2a
Date: 2007-05-27

CBlog is a simple weblog application based on the TurboGears framework.

Apart from being used by myself as the software that drives my personal blog, it is also a useful showcase for various TurboGears programming patterns.

The software is currently in alpha state, because the data model and the API (internal and external, i.e. URls) may still change frequently and some features I consider important are still missing. That being said, I already use it on a regular basis for my own blog site.

Please see the doc subdirectory in the source distribution for some more (sparse) information.

There is now also a trac site for the project, where you can browse the source and download the latest code from SVN: http://cblogtrac.serveblog.net/

Quickstart in 10 steps:

  1. Download and unpack the source distribution.

  2. Open a terminal and change into the CBlog-0.2a directory.

  3. Run tg-admin sql create.

  4. Run sqlite3 data/devdata.sqlite <data/bootstrap.sql.

  5. Development mode:

    Run ./run dev.cfg

    Production mode:

    1. First time only: cp data/devdata.sqlite data/proddata.sqlite
    2. Run ./run
  6. Open browser at http://localhost:8080/ (development mode) resp. at http://localhost:8081/ (production mode).

  7. Log in with username/password admin and then click on Administration.

  8. Add a user and add him to the Blog publishers group.

  9. Log out as admin and log-in again as the new user.

  10. Start adding blog articles!

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