Author: Christopher Arndt
Version: 1.0b
Date: 2006-12-20

A TurboGears widgets wrapper for the Firebug Lite JavaScript Library.


[sudo] easy_install TGFirebugLite


  1. Download the Egg manually from here or the Cheeseshop.
  2. Install with [sudo] easy_install <egg-file>.


To use this widget, just add it to the tg.include_widgets configuration setting, for example in your dev.cfg:

tg.include_widgets = ['firebug.widgets.firebug_js', ...]

If you don't care to simulate the Firebug console, but you want to prevent calls to console.log() in your JavaScript code from causing errors, then just change the widget name to firebug.widgets.firebugx_js.

To try it out, just hit F12 after your page has loaded and the Firebug console frame will open at the bottom of your page. You can enter JavaScript commands at the command line right at the bottom and see their outcome in the console logging area above.

Please see for more information.