Springe zum Hauptinhalt

I was recently researching into GUI libraries for PyGame when I found pyglet, which is an alternative to PyGame for 2D/3D graphics programming with Pyython. It has no dependencies other than a standard Python installation and OpenGL, the API is well-structured and the documentation clean and extensive.

So I wrote a little demo application, which displays a pseudo-HTML file in a window and scrolls it up- or downwards with speed controllable by simple keyboard commands. Sort of like a teleprompter. You can use different fonts, colors and sizes through the subset of HTML4 supported by pyglet.

I thought this made be useful for others, for example when recording a podcast, webcast or an audiobook or when doing a presentation, so I baked a Python distribution package and put it on the Python Package Index.

So here’s to you: Impromptu 0.1b

Impromptu running
in window mode under Ubuntu Linux

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